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Behind the scenes of the Molodist KIFF 2015 opening ceremony

I’m volunteering at Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival, again 🙂  This is the biggest and the oldest movie festival in Ukraine. The festival focuses on finding the best debut films and small independent films. The festival has a very cozy atmosphere and it’s a great opportunity to see something that is usually not getting a wide theatrical release.
The main headquarter of Molodist is in the “Kyiv” cinema – old, fancy, Stalin’s empire style building. The opening ceremony  of 45th Molodist KIFF took place at Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theater. Volunteering at the opening ceremony is a great opportunity to get inside, when the entry is by invitations only, to get backstage and literally to walk under the stage too 🙂

molodist iff opening red carpet

molodist opening preparations
Inside Ivan Franko drama theatre

red carpet molodist

Under the stage! ^_^

under stage franco theatre

Vintage theatre’s dressing room

ivan franko theatre backstage room

During the ceremony Oleg Sensov, the Ukrainian director who’s now illegally detained in Russia, received a special mention. The life achievement award went to Kira Muratova – the amazing Ukrainian director from Odessa.
The opening film called “45” just like the age of a festival.

Free Oleg Sentsov

free sentsov

Molodist general director Andrii Khalpakhchi

molodist opening ceremony

After the ceremony we went to an after party at rooftop One Love coffee

Molodist IFF afterparty #molodist #molodist45 #Kiev #Kyiv #Ukraine

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The afterparty on the top of PinchukArtCenter

pinchuk artcenter
Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theater – 3, Ivana Franka square, Kyiv;
One Love coffee – 6th floor of PinchukArtCentre;
Kyiv cinema – 19, Velyka Vasylkivska str.

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