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Saturday night in Kyiv

Saturday began with a small second hand market near Peremohy Square. Speaking of second hands, the biggest one “Lesnoy” is near Lisova metro station, it’s on the left coast, in the very end of red metro line. And there are also many small markets and shops all around town. This time we weren’t lucky and haven’t found anything good. We did find some things before in here though. It’s usually hard to recommend certain places because you never know whether you find something good.
After, we went to a new vegetarian place Orang+Utan. It’s quite trendy right now, everyone is taking selfies here in the tropics lol

flea market

  The place has a cool minimalistic design. They serve sandwiches, smoothies, salads. Tofu-nori combo tasted great. It’s located not far away from popular spots like Atlas club and Barbara bar, so it’s smart to visit these places during one route. Barbara bar has a lovely rooftop terrace, during summer days it’s always busy, a great night spot.

orang+utan tropics

sandwitch takeaway orang+utan

  Our friend flies off Ukraine soon for some time, so we went for a little good-bye-Kyiv-party route.
kyiv is a mix 1

soviet kyiv shevchenko blvrd

  We graduated from Taras Shevchenko University, so we have chosen Шалена мама (Shalena mama) as our first stop. The bar is popular among students, at any time of a day you can meet someone from the Uni. It brings some nostalgia, so I might be biased a bit with this one. It’s an old Rolling Stones-themed bar, that keeps the same design for years. Food is not good :), but it’s nice to have a drink there. It works for 24-hours; you can end up in there any time.

shalena mama kyiv

politics ads

  After, we went to Vegano hooligano, I wrote about it before, it’s a very popular place right now, and not only among vegans. It’s cheap, so on the evening there are many young people in there. A few other food bistros are setting up there kiosks near it too. Apparently there is a growing trend of eating out not only outside, but also inside Besarabsky Market, it can liven up the atmosphere in there.
besarabsky market
vegano hooligano

We went to check the new bar called Буду позже (Budu pozzhe) near Besarabsky Market. It’s a very chill place with quiet jazz music, candles. It’s located in a building from 1939 and has a beautiful high ceiling. On a Saturday evening there were not many people though, it’s just opened, there should be more people later, I think. I quite liked it. The place is for talking and relaxation.

budu pozhe bar

bar budu pozzhe

In the end of a goodbye-Kyiv-party we wanted something very Ukrainian styled (but not kitch; many of those traditional restaurants can be way too kitch or touristic). We went to Кіфлик (Kiflik), a cozy, friendly ethno-café with traditional Transcarpathian food. Experience the diversity: Ukrainian food is not only dumplings and borscht, there are many other cool dishes for example banosh, bograch, try their cheesecake and warm local wine. Delicious! The dishes requires specific local products, so big part of it is coming from Transcarpathian ‘s local farms.

kiflik 3

The end of the night. Bye-bye Olenka!


Small second hand market – 5, Peremohy ave.
Orang+Utan – 72, Artema str.
Шалена мама (Shalena mama) – 4a, Tereschenkivska str.
Vegano hooligano – inside Besarabsky Market, 13.
Буду позже (Budu pozhe) – 6/2 Krytyj uzviz.
Кіфлик (Kiflik) – 4, Shota Rustaveli str.

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