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Saturday night in Kyiv

My friend from Washington, D.C. came to Kyiv recently; he already has been to many places in the city so I was thinking where to take him. First we went to D.I.Y.stvo festival at Podil. It’s a d.i.y., hardcore punk festival. I go there for years, the garage complex has a cool atmosphere, this is a great area, I wish there were more events at this place. This year they even managed to set up a cinema in one of the garages. It’s nice to find some t-shirts of local punk bands.




On the evening we went to meet my friends at Vegano hooligano, probably the most popular street food place right now. It cooks falafels, tofu, couscous, baked vegetables.


At Khreschatyk we spotted the ending of some sport festival: with horizontal bars, a lot of hay and a pig roast (for some reason lol).



Then we’ve met some more friends at the bar “Под Асфальтом Пляж” (Pod asfaltom Plyag) a chill, beach-inspired bar with swings and music instruments.


After the bar we went to a party near Kontraktova square, at ЭFIR club. To get inside don’t forget to add yourself in the list at event page on Facebook. ЭFIR is located in a basement, the entrance looks a bit like an apartment with some books and a carpet on the wall.



D.I.Y.stvo festival – Petrivska, 34, Kyiv (map)
Vegano Hooligano – inside Besarabsky Market, no.13 (map)
Под Асфальтом Пляж (Pod asfaltom Plyag) – Yaroslaviv Val, 33a, Kyiv (map)
ЭFIR – Illinska,16, Kyiv, go inside the arch (map)


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