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Ukrainian medieval kobzar and lyre music at Ivan Honchar Museum

The concert at Ivan Honchar Museum on 14th of October was dedicated to 73th anniversary of Ukrainian Insurgent Army, the big Christian holiday – The Day of Intercession of the Theotokos, and the Day of Defender of Ukraine.

Ivan Honchar Museum is a lovely, cozy folk museum near Kyiv Pechersk Lavra. I worked there as a volunteer for one of museum’s exhibitions and I just love it so much. It has a really pleasant atmosphere and definitely worth a visit. (esp if you’ll get for the opening of some new exhibition. Last time I’ve been there they were offering a free bowl of borscht to visitors! ^^ )

honchar museum angel

kobzar museum honchar
Taras Sylenko

Listening to live kobzar music is such a pleasure, a true spiritual experience!



khoreia kozatska museum
Taras Kompanichenko and Khoreia Kozatska concert

old new identification museum
Photo exhibition “Identification.UA”

photo museum girls

photo exhibition honchar museum

The national center of folk culture “Ivan Honchar Museum” –  Lavrska Street 19, Kyiv (map)

Follow events at Ivan Honchar Museum – http://honchar.org.ua/events/ and https://www.facebook.com/honchar.museum

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