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Saturday Night in Kyiv: Ukrainian avant-garde cinema and EuroMaidan second anniversary

I went to an amazing lecture about Ukrainian Soviet avant-garde cinema of 1922-1930th by Deputy Director General of Oleksandr Dovzhenko National Center Ivan Kozlenko. I truly love all Oleksandr Dovzhenko National Center’s projects and I recommended their DVDs in a list of non- touristy souvenirs that you can buy in Kyiv 😉 The lecture was a part of Executed Renaissance #UPLectorium course about the generation of Ukrainian writers and artists of 1920s and early 1930s who were executed or repressed by Stalin’s totalitarian regime. It’s an extremely interesting and very very sad subject in Ukrainian history.

ukrainian silent avant-garde film lecture

hotel salute kiev

The weather on Saturday was very foggy.

kiev fog

After the lecture I went with my friend Nastya towards Khreschatyk street. Near Teatralna metro we spotted some older people dancing in the underpass with a choir and accordion. They meet every Saturday.

boulevard kiev autumn


old people dancing with accordion

On the 20th of November is a second anniversary of EuroMaidan revolution; there were many Maidan-themed events around the city. We went to the meeting near TsUM with journalists from HromadskeTV, an internet TV that did a lot of live streams during Maidan revolution. It was a time when different people, not only journalists, used a livestream service to film a protest, its events, interview people etc. Night Guard was a popular live stream show that was created by HromadskeTV’s journalist Bohdan Kutiepov. He walked around Maidan at night, interviewed protesters, filmed what was going on near the barricades and the best part – improvised on the accordion. Tanya from Dakh Daughters band helped him to sing. Sometimes there were people who also had some music instruments, they gathered around and sung some funny things. Of course some songs went viral 🙂


And a music walk with some Ukrainian musicians during the day

It’s the second time when Bohdan invites everyone via facebook to meet on 20th of November to remember the beginning of EuroMaidan.


This year many people came by. Well, actually there were enough people to make Kyiv City Council’s guards to worry when we all came closer. LOL

hromadske tv live streams

He filmed a live stream again, we all sung some songs, by the end we sung the National Anthem and run to catch the last metro train.

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