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DakhaBrakha concert @ KPI, Kiev (23.12.2015)

Breathtaking live show by my favorite Ukrainian band. They have new flawless dresses; the hats stay the same of course 🙂 Tickets were already sold out a few weeks before the concert.  
Dakhabrakha performed for 2.5 hours with an intermission. During the first part of the show they played new, unreleased songs from the future album “The road”. The concept of the album is an imaginary musical journey of a chumak (a 15-19th century trader who transported salt from Crimea) across Ukraine, starting from Crimea, through Luhansk, Polissia to the Western Ukraine. Traditionally all lyrics are folklore lyrics that were found and written down by band members during their expeditions at Ukrainian villages. Following this concept, album will contain a song from (almost) each region of Ukraine. The second part was a compilation of their older songs, with some rare ones that they don’t perform very often. In the end the band traditionally asked Vlad Troitsky, DakhaBrakha’s creator to come up to the stage.

Dakha Brakha Kyiv Ukraine live show


DakhaBrakha concert 2015


DakhaBrakha Kiev Ukraine

DakhaBrakha live performence at KPI, Kiev


I volunteered at Gogol fest this summer and of course I’ve met some people from it at the concert (Dakhdaughter’s creator Vlad Troitsky is also the President of Gogolfest). I was helping as a merch girl a little before the show and during the intermission. When you were a volunteer at such events you feel like it’s weird to just go and not help organizers with something 🙂

DakhaBrakha concert merch

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