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Traditional folk art fair at Ivan Honchar museum

I went to a festival Oreli (Орелі) dedicated to Saint Nicholas’ Day. There were some lectures and workshops on Ukrainian traditions of celebrating winter holidays that interested me and a small yet nice folk art fair. I like it because craftsman from all over the country bring their crafts and folk art and sell it personally.

Ukrainian naive folk art

folk art fair

folk art fair Ivan Honchar museum

I collect Ukrainian traditional decorations that are made from straw; I find them at the various folk fairs. I added some new ones to my collection 🙂

Ukrainian straw decorations

The remarkable lecture about Ukrainian vertep by Taras Kompanichenko – the lead singer of one of my favorite Ukrainian bands Khoreia Kozatska (Chorea Kozacka). The Ukrainian vertep is a removable puppet theatre that first appeared in the 17th century. During Christmas holidays vertep is also a merry Christmas show with songs, carols, jokes, short performances that are staged by musicians and actors.

Taras Kompanichenko lecture Honchar museum
Taras Kompanichenko live

Old traditional Ukrainian Christmas decoration Pavuk spider

The show of reconstructed traditional children’s winter clothing from Kyiv and Chernihiv Oblast of Ukraine and some traditional kolyadki sung by these little guys 🙂 (Ukrainian Carols).

reconstructed traditional children's winter clothing Kyiv oblast

Kolyadki Ukrainian Carols

The other day I found a new street art in Podil. It kind of looks like a mix of Cossack and some South American (?) folk traditions.
Podil new street art


The national center of folk culture “Ivan Honchar Museum” – Lavrska Street 19, Kyiv
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