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UFO, suburbs and books

Right near Lybidska metro is one of my favorite Kyiv’s examples of soviet modernism – “Tarilka”. It translates as a “plate” and looks like a levitating UFO 🙂

The architect of a building Florian Turiev, was born in Siberia, where his father, a genetic scientist, was exiled. Later he moved to Kyiv and studied at the Architecture Faculty of the Academy of Arts and took up painting, embracing a unique creative direction – the music of color. The Tarilka originally was designed as a futuristic venue for colormusical concerts; the proper acoustics required the room to be shaped as a plate.

tarilka plate kiev

kiev modern

kyiv street art

Antonovycha Street, Kyiv

On Sunday I went to Everything Everything concert at Sentrum club. It was organized by British Council, this year they also had brought to Kyiv Mercury prize winners Young Fathers.

sentrum club liev venue kiev

Everything Everything live KIev @ Sentrum

I collect event posters. I got some new ones this month. The poster of Dziga Vertov’s classic Man with a movie camera, that was shown during the Cyclop festival of video poetry. I wanted to own the poster of this movie for a while already, I’m a big fan of Ukrainian avant-garde silent cinema. And the poster of the awards ceremony of 100 films in 100 minutes festival – an awesome festival of extremely short films.

Dziga Vertov Man with a movie camera and 100 films in 100 minutes poster

Also I did some explorations of Kyiv’s deserted bedroom suburbs on a left coast. After they appeared in some recent music videos, it has doubled my interest in this area.

kiev left bank troeschyna
Used books shop on Bohdana Khmelnytskoho Street

used books kiev

kyiv bookshop

old bookshop

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