SEE KYIV is an alternative city guide by locals and documentary web series on culture, art, society and politics, centred around the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv.


Berlin is calling, Amsterdam is the city of sin, Paris is always a good idea, Minsk is not dead, New York never sleeps, London is the capital of Great Britain, but what about Kyiv? 

It turns out, there is no commonly accepted idea about this city. For Kyiv is still in transition. The city endlessly reverberates with the enthusiasm of its inhabitants; who consistently unleash new and ever more daring cultural initiatives. And yet, there is still a long way to go and opportunity awaits.

The SEE KYIV team is here to bring you news on the latest trends of Kyiv and the raw individual stories of its population in an attempt to SEE what Kyiv actually is.

If we were to write a curatorial statement for the city, we would start it with ‘Kyiv is weird’. Because that’s how we feel about it and also how we want to keep it. 


Olena Lysenko

Olena Lysenko


Anastasiia Perun

Anastasiia Perun


Jason Blevins

Jason Blevins

Creative Director

Nicholas Saffari


Guest Writers


SEE-K was founded by Olena Lysenko in 2015 as a personal blog. Since then Jason Blevins and Anastasiia Perun have joined the project, transforming SEE-K into a well-curated repository of all things Kyiv.

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