soviet mosaiс varenyky

Soviet mosaic appreciation time

During Khrushchev thaw Soviet artists took up new models of self-expression remaining within the boundaries of Socialist art. Mosaic monumental painting was among the most popular such art form – it’s a hallmark of Soviet institutions from 1960s.

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ivan honchar museum kiev kyiv

Ukrainian medieval kobzar and lyre music at Ivan Honchar Museum

The concert at Ivan Honchar Museum on 14th of October was dedicated to 73th anniversary of Ukrainian Insurgent Army, the big Christian holiday – The Day of Intercession of the Theotokos, and the Day of Defender of Ukraine. Ivan Honchar Museum is a lovely, cozy folk museum near Kyiv Pechersk […]

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diy kiev kyiv garage

Saturday night in Kyiv

My friend from Washington, D.C. came to Kyiv recently; he already has been to many places in the city so I was thinking where to take him. First we went to D.I.Y.stvo festival at Podil. It’s a d.i.y., hardcore punk festival. I go there for years, the garage complex has […]

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