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kazimir malevich kiev art

100 years of suprematism

In 2015 is 100th anniversary of Kazimir Malevich’s ‘Black Square’ painting. During 1928-1930 Malevich was a professor at the Ukrainian Academy of Arts in Kyiv and “cured students of realism and a fear of color”. 100 years later, at the same place, for a month I was attending reconstructions of […]

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maidan hotel ukraine kiev kyiv

A view from the 6th floor of a hotel Ukraine

My friend Jason is filming a documentary about Maidan revolution. He booked a room at hotel Ukraine to get some shots of Maidan from the window. So I had an opportunity to get inside and see the square from this angle. So this is a view you get if you […]

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botanic garden kiev kyiv ukraine

A foggy day in Kyiv

The botanical garden near Universytet metro is cozy in any weather. Thanks to the landform it has survived from any constructions on its territory. However, the metro entrance didn’t and now the new Hilton Kyiv hotel that was built in front of it, makes it look like a small barn… […]

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soviet mosaics kiev ukraine kyiv

Beautiful ceramics by Olha Rapai

Beautiful ceramics by Olha Rapai on the House of Ukraine national creative teams. This giant ceramic decor is handmade and created in 1987. Folk naive art is a big part of Ukrainian art; the most famous artists are Kateryna Bilokur, Maria Pryimachenko.

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