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winter in kyiv kiev ukraine snow

Spending the winter in Kyiv

On Orthodox Epiphany, which is celebrated on January 19, there is a tradition to plunge into ice-cold water, it has become popular again in Kyiv after the fall of Soviet Union.

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The last days of autumn in Kyiv

I was so inspired by reconstructions of Kazimir Malevich’s lectures (I wrote about it in here). I bought a book called ‘Malevitch’ by Jean-Claude Marcadé at Rodovid publishing house. I love their books, they have an awesome office on 17, Khreschatyk street (on the top floor) with a beautiful view […]

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druzi cafe kyiv kiev

Good coffee and tabletop games

My friend Jason (btw like his page on fb 😉 ) is working on a documentary about Ukraine and searching for people who he can interview. Me and my friend Natalya came to talk about how we can help, but instead ended up playing tabletop games 🙂

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