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The last days of autumn in Kyiv

I was so inspired by reconstructions of Kazimir Malevich’s lectures (I wrote about it in here). I bought a book called ‘Malevitch’ by Jean-Claude Marcadé at Rodovid publishing house. I love their books, they have an awesome office on 17, Khreschatyk street (on the top floor) with a beautiful view […]

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SEE-K: Ukrainian avant-garde cinema of 1922-1930

On Saturday I went to the lecture about Ukrainian avant-garde cinema of 1922-1930 (I wrote about it in here). I want to share a summary of it, because I find this topic extremely interesting and I truly love films from this time period      

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Sunny Bunny LGBT Kyiv Molodist IFF

Sunny Bunny and Molodist awards parties

Sunny Bunny is a competition program of LGBT films at Molodist Kyiv International film festival. When the prize Sunny Bunny was founded in 2000, Molodist became the second international film festival in Europe (the first is Berlinale) to give awards to the films about gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. […]

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