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Spending the winter in Kyiv

On Orthodox Epiphany, which is celebrated on January 19, there is a tradition to plunge into ice-cold water, it has become popular again in Kyiv after the fall of Soviet Union.

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Holodomor Memorial Day

On the forth Saturday of November in Ukraine is Holodomor Memorial Day. Holodomor, which translates to death by hunger, was an act of genocide of Ukrainian people that was made by Stalin officials in 1932-1933 by organizing mass artificial famine that killed at least 4,5 million people.

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Protest art

I went to a presentation of the book Art Barbican: Triangle 92, anthology at National Art Museum of Ukraine. During the Maidan revolution different artists had their own spot that was located on Khreschatyk Street, right in front of a Khreschatyk metro, they called it Art Barbican.

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