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UFO, suburbs and books

Right near Lybidska metro is one of my favorite Kyiv’s examples of soviet modernism – “Tarilka”. It translates as a “plate” and looks like a levitating UFO 🙂

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The last days of autumn in Kyiv

I was so inspired by reconstructions of Kazimir Malevich’s lectures (I wrote about it in here). I bought a book called ‘Malevitch’ by Jean-Claude Marcadé at Rodovid publishing house. I love their books, they have an awesome office on 17, Khreschatyk street (on the top floor) with a beautiful view […]

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100 years of suprematism

In 2015 is 100th anniversary of Kazimir Malevich’s ‘Black Square’ painting. During 1928-1930 Malevich was a professor at the Ukrainian Academy of Arts in Kyiv and “cured students of realism and a fear of color”. 100 years later, at the same place, for a month I was attending reconstructions of […]

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Holodomor Memorial Day

On the forth Saturday of November in Ukraine is Holodomor Memorial Day. Holodomor, which translates to death by hunger, was an act of genocide of Ukrainian people that was made by Stalin officials in 1932-1933 by organizing mass artificial famine that killed at least 4,5 million people.

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