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winter in kyiv kiev ukraine snow

Spending the winter in Kyiv

On Orthodox Epiphany, which is celebrated on January 19, there is a tradition to plunge into ice-cold water, it has become popular again in Kyiv after the fall of Soviet Union.

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Ukrainian naive folk art

Traditional folk art fair at Ivan Honchar museum

I went to a festival Oreli (Орелі) dedicated to Saint Nicholas’ Day. There were some lectures and workshops on Ukrainian traditions of celebrating winter holidays that interested me and a small yet nice folk art fair. I like it because craftsman from all over the country bring their crafts and […]

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tarilka plate kiev kyiv ukraine

UFO, suburbs and books

Right near Lybidska metro is one of my favorite Kyiv’s examples of soviet modernism – “Tarilka”. It translates as a “plate” and looks like a levitating UFO 🙂

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kazimir malevich kiev art

100 years of suprematism

In 2015 is 100th anniversary of Kazimir Malevich’s ‘Black Square’ painting. During 1928-1930 Malevich was a professor at the Ukrainian Academy of Arts in Kyiv and “cured students of realism and a fear of color”. 100 years later, at the same place, for a month I was attending reconstructions of […]

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soviet mosaics kiev ukraine kyiv

Beautiful ceramics by Olha Rapai

Beautiful ceramics by Olha Rapai on the House of Ukraine national creative teams. This giant ceramic decor is handmade and created in 1987. Folk naive art is a big part of Ukrainian art; the most famous artists are Kateryna Bilokur, Maria Pryimachenko.

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