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soviet mosaiс varenyky

Soviet mosaic appreciation time

During Khrushchev thaw Soviet artists took up new models of self-expression remaining within the boundaries of Socialist art. Mosaic monumental painting was among the most popular such art form – it’s a hallmark of Soviet institutions from 1960s.

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diy kiev kyiv garage

Saturday night in Kyiv

My friend from Washington, D.C. came to Kyiv recently; he already has been to many places in the city so I was thinking where to take him. First we went to D.I.Y.stvo festival at Podil. It’s a d.i.y., hardcore punk festival. I go there for years, the garage complex has […]

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diystvo festival kiev kyiv ukraine

Autumn events in Kyiv : D.I.Y.stvo festival

D.I.Y.stvo (10 October, 2015) This is a small Kyiv hardcore punk / D.I.Y. culture festival; even if you don’t like this music genre I would totally recommend going to this event because it takes place in a very cool area with a great atmosphere – in a heavily graffitied  garage complex. It includes […]

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