Winter, spring, summer or fall, there’s never a bad time to come to Kyiv, but personally I’d choose May because of the pleasant weather and blossoming chestnuts trees.
Chestnuts trees are almost on every city street and today they are the city’s unofficial symbol. In the Soviet era Kyiv’s city emblem was a design of a chestnut leaf and a blossom.

Kiev Kyiv parks chestnuts trees

Kyiv spring May

Chestnuts trees Kyiv Kiev

They are relatively new addition that was introduced to Kyiv in 19th century. It is said that Governor-general Bibikov introduced the trees to the streets of Kyiv in preparation for a visit by Emperor Nikolai I. Later chestnut trees were pre-planted by Kyiv (Kiev) university students in the nearby botanical garden, and from the garden, the chestnut trees spread across Kyiv.

Kiev Kyiv May spring
Kyiv (Kiev) metro tokens with chestnut leaves and blossom. ^^

Kyiv Kiev metro tokens

Kiev Kyiv in May
“Kyiv waltz” that was written in 1950 by Platon Maiboroda and dedicated to blossoming chestnut trees in Kyiv (Kiev).

For running enthusiasts, there is a Kyiv’s “Race under chestnuts” that has taken place since 1993, it opens the festivities of the Day of Kyiv (the last Sunday of May). The 5-kilometer national charity run benefits the children’s cardiology centre. To participate register here

Race under chestnuts Kiev Kyiv

Kyiv hardcore label event at Otel’ club.

Kyiv hardcore label at Otel
Me wearing Kyiv Harcore label sweatshirt :*

Kyiv Kiev unofficial symbol
Сhestnuts trees heart iconheart iconheart icon !