New year in Kyiv - SEE KYIV

Staying in Kyiv around Christmas and the New Year’s Eve? Well, lucky you! With all these parties celebrating 2020, it is definitely the city to be! Here’s SEE-K selection of New Year gigs, concerts, karaoke nights, techno parties, dancing and all your soul and body can only dream of.

Christmas choir concerts

Choir Moravski at Arsenal - SEE KYIV

Moravski choir at Arsenal

When: December 25
Where: Mystetskyi Arsenal
80 UAH
Ukrainian and European Christmas music by one of the best Ukrainian choirs and a nice occasion to have a look at the Paraska Plytka-Horytsvit exhibition at Arsenal.


When: December 25
Where: Ivan Honchar Museum
150 UAH
Christmas concert by the young band Shchuka-Ryba and a popular choir from Kozatske village. A rare occasion to discover authentically Ukrainian traditional music!

Khoreia Kozatska

When: January 9
Where: National Philharmonic
70-350 UAH
Did you ever wonder what was it like during medieval times (Kyiv Rus') or how noisy street markets at Podil in the XIX century sounded like? The well-known researchers of Ukrainian ancient music Taras Kompanichenko and Khoreia Kozatska will perform traditional Christmas music from 1790s that was recorded in the Book of Songs from the Pochayiv Lavra.


CLoser NY - See Kyiv


When: December 31
Where: Closer
25 €
New Year 2020 on 31, Nizhneyurkivska Str. in Closer, with the Romanian trio Arpiar (Raresh, Rhadoo and Petre Inspirescu), Slovenian E / Tape, and the club's residents.

MEET 2020

When: December 29
Where: Mezzanine
Desperate young rock for the last Sunday of the year! Line up:
blichaus80 - Kyiv-based depressed & teenage love band Brezhnev and Dao - bluegaze/psychedelic/post-punk/noise-rock Sibirian Ambassador - Psychedelic Garage Rock Under Streets band Community - 90s emo, punk rock + special guest DJ Raskladik (satirical electro)

Code RAT party new year kyiv

Code RAT

When: December 31
Where: Mezzanine
250 UAH
Rats are running to the gig! Line up:
DJ Zavgoth, Clasps, Symonenko, Sopromat, Perepelytsia.

New Year 2020 at BURSA - See Kyiv

New Year 2020 at BURSA

When: December 31
Where: Bursa Hotel
1300 UAH
Get your gang together, bigwigs, godfathers, and femmes fatales. The gangsta paradise in BURSA this New Year’s Eve. Chic buffet at White Noise Bistro & Coffee and movie screening at brand new KINO42.

White Tie New Year

When: December 31
Where: pin Urban Space 500
500 UAH
Another year is about to close and Urban Space 500 invites you to open a fresh blank page of 2020 at the favorite city space for all creative, socially active and open people.

New Year Party in the Museum of Medicine

When: December 31
Where: pin Urban Space 500
500 UAH
DJ Topolsky is one of the godfathers of the Ukrainian Drum&Base music scene will perform at the unusual venue to celebrate the 2020. A rare occasion to have a glimpse in the historical pre-revolution building that used to be the anatomical theatre!