How big film festivals are organized? I’ve been interested in this topic for quite a while already, and wanted to learn more. The easiest way to get behind the scenes is volunteering. My first volunteering experience was at Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival few years ago. It was extremely interesting and fun. There were more festivals after that (because when you get into this community, it’s just hard to stop 🙂 ) Since then I had a collection of festival badges from all big Ukrainian festivals except from Docudays UA , so when I finally signed up for it, I was really excited. ^_^

Docudays UA film festival Kiev Kyiv volunteer

The volunteering at Docudays UA began with series of trainings where we learned all the festival’s rules and our functions during the festival. The other important part of a training were discussions about human rights, each team had to prepare a presentation about some of the issues around human rights, including racism, homophobia, women’s rights, role of the media, etc. All teams turned out to be really creative; they prepared little plays with costumes and music. Then we voted for the best presentation and the winners got festival tote bags 🙂

Docudays UA volunteers

Docudays UA volunteers' training

Docudays UA volunteers training

I used to volunteer at festival’s press centers before, so for this festival my job was to take photos for DocuDays UA Instagram The good social media marketing requires a lot of energy and creativity, so I was basically running around the festivals venues all day, trying to capture some atmospheric moments 🙂

Prior to the festival I like to help as a courier (bringing invitations for the opening ceremony), because you can get to the places where can only get during some special occasions.

Like an Embassy of Sweden in Kyiv

Embassy of Sweden in Kiev Kyiv Ukraine

Or Ministry on Internal Affairs of Ukraine

Ministry on Internal Affairs of Ukraine

The other fun thing about volunteering is that you can see how the festival’s office works and how everything is organized, how many people are working to make the festival happened, and just in general to see all these pretty posters hung around on walls ^_^

docudays ua festival office

2014’s Maidan protests themed DocuDays UA posters

docudays ua festival maidan

documentary human rights festival ukraine

Hey, that’s (kind of) my username!

see ukraine docudays

Ballot boxes for DocuDays UA audience award are ready!

Ballot boxes for DocuDays UA audience award

Packing DocuDays UA festival’s merch and accreditation badges.

DocuDays Ua film festival merch

Even more festival badges and tickets.

Docudays festival 2016
docudays ua festival
The official DocuDays UA posters!

DocudaysUa film posters

The empty halls of Cinema House – the main venue of Docudays UA film festival. It was built in 1970s for people who worked in film industry, I wrote about the history of the building here

DocuDays documentary film festival

The portrait of one of the greatest Ukrainian film directors Oleksandr Dovzhenko. (I highly recommend to see his “Earth” if you haven’t seen it

DocuDays documentary film festival

Getting ready for the Docudays UA opening ceremony

DocuDays documentary film festival

The festival is trying to become stricter about people who are late for screenings and trying to forbid entering cinema hall after the screening has begun. There were some volunteers who study film, and they got an idea to make a short film about a person who’s being late and got a refuse to enter the screening, mixing it all with some inspiration taken from Un Chien Andalou by Luis Buñuel and this years’ festival concept of illusions 😀 It was all made in two days and was very fun to participate in this.

DocuDays documentary film festival

The final result!!