Here are some Ukrainian music videos that I liked in 2015. Read also SEE-K: Kyiv in music videos and follow the tag #music

ONUKA – Misto

This atmospheric music video was filmed in Kyiv and about Kyiv, “misto” translates as “the city”. It’s an everyday life of a lead singer Nata and her “declaration of love to Kyiv” as she noted in an interview. In a video she rides in a car around the city at night, goes to Diskultura Vinyl Shop on Reitarska str., rides the metro, plays sopilka somewhere on a hill.

Христина Соловій — Тримай

This cute video has Michel Gondry-like special effects. Khrystyna hides in her apartment, blends into balls of yarn, a stack of books, a knitted blanket. It’s her debut video from the album Жива вода, which was released in 2015, the producer of an album is Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, the lead singer of one of the most popular Ukrainian rock bands Okean Elzy.

5 Vymir – Мало Слiв

The video is a band’s take on the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. The main character erases memories about his ex-girlfriend , the video features many Kyiv locations like Yaroslaviv Val St, Starokyyivska Hora, National Museum of the History of Ukraine.

Луна – Луна

The singer runs around Kyiv on a windy night alone and sings about the full moon in the sky. In 2015 she also released another really cool video for the song Осень, it was filmed on a smartphone and features her little son


Крихітка – Без імені

A very touching video that has quotes from real SMS between servicemen who are fighting now in eastern Ukraine and volunteers who are helping the army with equipment, night vision devises, and many other things that the authorities have no money to provide. The volunteer movement has grown really big during the last two years, to help the army people donate money and volunteers buy and bring those things to a front. To read more about it click here.