There was some snow on the beginning of the week, but everything dried away on a next day, and it feels like spring again.

winter in kiev

snow in kiev

luteranska street kiev
house with a star kiev

I have finally seen a broadcast of the Hamlet Barbican production with Benedict Cumberbatch that is a part of National Theatre Live program. Tickets were sold out super quickly; luckily I managed to get one to the additional screening in Kyiv cinema. Last year I loved the screening of Danny Boyle’s Frankenstein, where Cumberbatch played the Creature, so I was very excited for this one.

the hamlet barbican 2015

The production is almost 4 hours long, but it doesn’t make you bored, thanks to visually stunning gothic decorations, I kept looking at all details and the mix of costumes from different eras: Hamlet appeared in a David Bowie’s t-shirt while Gertrude wore a 1890s dress. Cumberbatch’s acting was wonderful, his Hamlet turned out to be sensitive and charismatic. Generally it’s a good productions that supposed to be exciting, however I feel like something was missing, it’s hard to explain, but unfortunately I didn’t feel emotionally engaged enough.

Benedict Cumberbatch Hamlet

Cumberbatch ntlive national theatre

I did a tour about XIX century Kyiv’s architecture for a lovely couple from Baku, Azerbaijan; we have seen an art squat and some new Kyiv’s street art. On the evening we went to eat at The Cake. I like it for its fun design and a big variety of deserts.

the cake kiev arena
Kind of looks like one of Jeff Koons’ animals

the cake kiev
the cake the bar
At Laska charity shop/laundry/bar.

charity shop kiev
laska shop kiev
We have a really cool annual Kyiv International Short Film festival, that takes place in April, but during the year it also has other projects such as 100 films in 100 minutes and #KyivMusicFIlm. Last year I was a volunteer at KISFF, and really enjoyed it. The festival is quite small and that creates friendly and cozy atmosphere, events like this makes you feel all warm-and-fuzzy 🙂
100 films in 100 minutes is an experimental festival of extremely short films (1 minute long), it’s a mix of different genres and themes from all over the world: funny, documental, weird, serious, some professional animation together with very funny and naïve children hand drawn cartoons. Love it! The selection is always great, it’s really popular, and tickets sell out quickly.

Kyiv International Short Film Festival
kinopanorama kiev cinema

old kiev cinema
kinopanorama cinema
The Cake – 5, Velyka Vasylkivska, Kyiv
100 films in 100 minutes –
Kyiv International Short Film Festival –