I was so inspired by reconstructions of Kazimir Malevich’s lectures (I wrote about it in here). I bought a book called ‘Malevitch’ by Jean-Claude Marcadé at Rodovid publishing house. I love their books, they have an awesome office on 17, Khreschatyk street (on the top floor) with a beautiful view from the window.

kazimir malevich kiev art

khreschatyk from the window rodovid

khreschatyk 17

Kazimir Malevich

Kazimir Malevich book

The first floor of the building on 17, Khreschtyk Street has a special cozy atmosphere 😀

first floor soviet

khreschtyk house selfie

I’m a volunteer at NGO Legal Hundred, an organization providing free-of-charge legal support to the soldiers taking part in the anti-terrorist operation in the East of Ukraine. One of the things that Legal hundred does is a distribution of informational materials among the wounded in the ATO that explain their rights and offering advice as to how they later may be exercised. And it also has a call-centre, lawyers, who can answer questions, provide explanations and intervene on behalf of the soldier or his family.
During a week I helped to make this informational materials, basically to fasten them together with a stapler, the whole process reminded me of how I read about the history of making of Samizdat or hard core punk d.i.y. fanzines 🙂 The organization doesn’t have much money, so yeah.. this is what we need to do… My hand actually hurts a bit after all this fastening with a stapler 😀

NGO ATO UKraine legal hundred

NGO Legal Hundred human rights

Legal Hundred is located near metro Olimpiiska, near it is a place where I like to eat a cream soup, a health food restaurant Salateira. There are also salads and pasta dishes, you can choose all the ingredients on your own; the portions are huge.

healthy food salads

After the work I like to walk past the St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Cathedral.Check out the fool moon.

St Nicholas Roman Catholic Cathedral Kiev

catholic cathedral

I finally have seen the film The Lobster. Since the premier in Cannes I was waiting to finally see it. BTW after Cannes and Karlovy Vary International film festival the forth screening of the film happened at Odessa International film festival, but I haven’t been there unfortunately. The film was brought to Kyiv by the British film festival, an amazing event, with a great selection of films. Also it’s great because at the festival movies are showed with original audio; generally films that get a wide release in Ukrainian cinemas are all with Ukrainian dubbing, so for those who don’t speak Ukrainian, film festivals is a great opportunity to go to the cinema. Especially I recommend going to Kyiv cinema and Zhovten cinema, both have a beautiful old design.

british film festival kiev

I loved The Lobster so much. I love how director plays with metaphors and the film’s truly hilarious dark humor. One the one hand The Lobster is a drama, it’s very bizarre, it has this deeply disturbing atmosphere, the director takes the story quite seriously, however, as the film is just so weird, it eases you into the oddness of it all very impressively through the use of humor, and it’s filled with so many captivating ideas that are actually readable that the film can appeal to a mainstream audience too. I feel that it’s a unique feature that many art-house films fail to do, and as a resultant it’s a lot harder to really get into them. It reminded me a bit of the new Roy Andersson’s film A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence, that I have seen during the 45th Molodist film festival, it’s also a drama and a dark comedy at the same time.

the lobster film

Also out of curiosity I went to one of the buildings of Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman that is located near the Lvivska square. The building is quite old, it has an interesting ceiling with snowflakes that are actually designed as a small soviet stars and an old stained glass art.

soviet snow

KNEU kiev economic university

econimic university kiev

soviet mural kiev