On Orthodox Epiphany, which is celebrated on January 19, there is a tradition to plunge into ice-cold water, it has become popular again in Kyiv after the fall of Soviet Union.
Personally I haven’t done it. Yet 🙂 Here’s my friend Vitya jumps into icy Dnipro river in Kyiv this year, it was -5 C and very windy!
Each year the holiday is a source of epic photos for news agencies

Some more photos from the wintertime in Kyiv.
Orthodox Epiphany Kiev

Kiev winter Dnipro river

Kiev University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy

Kiev modern architecture stained-glass window

Kiev city winter time

Kyivkhlib bread manufacturer Kiev

This is not a military object, just some unknown and weird building. It’s says ‘Wonderland’ on the arch (looks quite bizarre); I found on the Internet that it’s an office of some unknown party, but what’s really inside nobody knows.

Kiev weird building

Kyiv weird bizzare building

The beautiful old factory building stays in shambles 🙁 It has been for sale for a few years already.

Kiev Podil old factory

I know a place with the best pyrizhky.

pirozhok Kiev

old Kiev architecture

The online newspaper Ukrayinska Pravda organized a lecture course on the Ukrainian cultural Renaissance of the 1920s, I’ve already been to the lecture on Ukrainian avant-garde cinema of 1920-30s, this one was about Mykola Khvylovy and VAPLITE – Ukrainian literary union that was established in Kharkiv and existed from 1926 to 1928, the members of VAPLITE became one of the first victims of Stalin regime’s repressions. The lecture was read by a famous Ukrainian contemporary writer and philosopher Oksana Zabuzhko. I have an idea to write a guide about Ukrainian contemporary writers, one day I’ll do it, I promise 😀

Lecture on History of Ukrainian literature by Oksana Zabuzhko

It is also a time for Christmas sales 🙂 Syndicate Original is a popular Kyiv streetwear brand , its store is located on Podil, and there is also an online store http://www.sndct.com/eu/
I bought a t-shirt (a collaboration item with Kyiv’s KapKan streetwear store) and I wanted this vest that looks like fish scales but didn’t find my size ((.

Syndicate Original local street wear store Kiev

Syndicate Original local street wear store Kyiv

My friend Jason came back to Kyiv again, his favorite spot in the city is Gorky pub, he says the people are always very friendly in there.

Gorky pub Kiev

Some of the recent Kyiv murals in Sviatoshyn neighborhood.
The street art by Pantonio, a street artist from Lisbon, Portugal.

Kievstreet art mural by Pantonio

The street art piece by a Spanish street artist Okuda.

Kyiv street art mural by Okuda

You can spot a Kazimir Malevich countryman near the Opera.

Kazimir Malevich Countryman sculpture Kiev

Go to a Central post office on Maidan and send a card back home. The Post office’s postcards are rubbish, though. Better buy Postcards by Dobra Lystivka

kiev central post office

kiev main post office Maidan

Right near a Circus there is a new café that is inspired by Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper / Yellow Submarine film (kind of?) called Cloud 96. It’s like a a buffet you can have a quick and cheap meal. All you need is food!

All you need is food Kiev

Beatles Sgt Pepper's inspired cafe

cafe cloud 96 Kiev all you need is food

The Beatles inspired Kyiv