Maria Prymachenko exhibition at Mystetskyi Arsenal. Many beautiful paintings under the cut.

Maria Prymachenko
Maria Pryimachenko Oh this is how the forth block came to me..

Maria Prymachenko Oh this is how the forth block came to me in a dream, flowers will grow all over it and little children will carry flowers and if the monument will be there forever next to it and there will come doves our heroes they saved us, they left us, 1988

Maria Pryimachenko Shepherds Ukrainian wedding 1983

Maria Pryimachenko Shepherds Ukrainian wedding, 1983
Maria Pryimachenko Shepherds 1959

Maria Prymachenko Shepherds, 1959

Maria Pryimachenko Ostriches in roses

Maria Prymachenko Ostriches in roses, 1960
Maria Pryimachenko marushka was spinning wool

Maria Prymachenko Marushka was spinning wool, 1968

Maria Pryimachenko Shepherds Spring 1967

Maria Prymachenko Shepherds Spring, 1967

Maria Prymachenko A wild otter caught a bird 1984

The celebration of Kolodiy (Maslyana) holiday at Mystetskyi Arsenal.

Mystetskyi Arsenal kyiv kiev

Kolodiy (Maslyana) holiday kiev kyiv

Since the 16th century women in Ukrainian villages used to celebrate the holiday by bringing a log that symbolized Kolodiy to a local pub (from Ukrainian ‘koloda’ meaning a ‘log’). They ‘punished’ unmarried young people, both girls and boys, by making them wear a log, a craft or a ribbon. The singles got the “punishment” because they did not give birth to new generations yet.
Since women played the leading role in the rituals during Maslyana, ethnographers believe that the holiday may have roots back into matriarchate times. It was the time when Ukrainian women had fun in pubs while men had to do all the household chores and could not contradict them.
In Ukraine Maslyana, as a woman’s holiday, is related to the moon worship and is embodied with lunar symbols, that’s why the traditional holiday food in Ukraine is the moon-shaped varenyky.

Kolodiy (Maslyana) kiev kyiv

Mystetskyi Arsenal kyiv kiev maslyana

Mystetskyi Arsenal kyiv kiev holiday

Kolodiy (Maslyana) holiday

Had to carry this thing for the rest of a day 😀
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