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Mobile Apps That will Make Your Life in Kyiv Easier

Mobile apps that will make your life in Kyiv easier MOVE AROUND Uklon A local alternative for Uber with a considerable advantage – while Uber defines automatically the price, in Uklon you can lower or increase the fare yourself and the drivers decide themselves whether to accept it or not. […]

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Do You Need a Visa to Get to Ukraine?

Citizens of 65 jurisdictions can travel to Ukraine without a visa for a stay up to 90 days within any 180 day period. Check whether you need a visa to enter Ukraine. In case you need a visa, what to do next? Submit your visa applications to: 1) Ukraine’s Embassies or Consulates […]

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Kyiv: Getting From the Airport to the City

Just landed in Kyiv and all those signs with Cyrillic letters seem too bizarre (crazy/ mysterious/ daunting)? Afraid of dozens of taxi drivers offering to give you a lift for all the money in the world? No worries, here are all the options for getting from Kyiv airports to the […]

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Top 10 Events in Kyiv – September 15-30

We’ve handpicked some of the best events to enjoy the last days of Indian summer in Kyiv ‘The mills are still standing, Sancho’ by Matvei Vaisberg When: September 5-11   Where: Mayak gallery  Free entrance    A series of monotopy paintings by the famous Kyiv artist Matvei Vaisberg who is known, among […]

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Kyiv Recycling – Where to Put Things You Don’t Want

The recycling in Kyiv is not centralized and might look a bit complicated. Here’s a map and a list of addresses where you can recycle domestic waste. All materials should be clean to avoid contamination – wash out bottles, cans, yogurt pots etc. before recycling. Kyivmiskvtorresursy This is the map of […]

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DIY Festival in Kyiv

Over 20 years ago a landslide destroyed a road. Now, this strip of nature in the Podil neighborhood of Kyiv has been transformed by DIYSTVO into a festival of urban self-organization and creativity. This year there were experimental musicians and a DIY print workshop. Diystvo’s do-it-yourself approach is derived from […]

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