Fixer/Producer in Ukraine

Producer / Fixer in Ukraine

Since 2015, I have assisted film directors, photographers, and journalists to produce high-quality audio-visual content. Through my in-depth knowledge of Ukrainian politics and society, extensive local networks in the art, film, and politics worlds, I am well-placed to conduct research on your behalf. Interpreting and translation services are also available.

I worked with:

Olena Lysenko

  • Filmmaker, producer, journalist, location scout in Ukraine. I have worked with The New Yorker, National Geographic, National Public Radio, Vox, The Wall Street Journal, Vice. 
  • Researcher at The Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania (USA).
  • Has PhD in Law.
  • Advocacy and PR specialist with 5+ years of experience who worked in the Ukrainian non-profit organization, Legal Hundred that specialized in veteran affairs and Russian-Ukrainian war.
  • Founder of Tour guide in Kyiv, Ukraine since 2015. 
  • Cultural manager. Worked as a coordinator of the national competition at 46th Molodist International Film Festival in Kyiv. 

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Currently: in Kyiv, Ukraine


The Daily Beast


Survivors: Russians Tortured Us With Twisted Sexual Abuse Technique Named After Biden


Reno to Kyiv: KOLO 8 talks with Ukrainian Journalist


NRC Handelsblad


Center for Media at Risk at the Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania 


Wrote an article on Ukrainian documentary filmmakers’ portrayal of the Russo-Ukrainian war.
● Speaker at roundtable discussions How is War Changing Media Futures in Ukraine?, Media
Practise in an Emergent World Order, OWN IT Penn: Resiliency in Academia.
Conducted a workshop on ethical approaches to documentary filmmaking.
● Spoke on the podcast, The Role of Media in Making and Breaking Ukraine’s War Effort, and
featured in UPenn newspaper.



Why Teslas Totaled in the US Are Mysteriously Reincarnated in Ukraine


additional reporting and translation

How Russia’s invasion transformed one Ukrainian city

There are now more land mines in Ukraine than almost anywhere else on the planet

Wall Street Journal


Inside Prigozhin’s Wagner, Russia’s Secret War Company | WSJ Documentary

Ukraine’s Zelensky on Counteroffensive, China, Trump and More

Why F-16s Could Be a Game Changer for Ukraine

Zelensky’s Top Adviser Explains ‘Historic Shift’ in U.S.-Ukraine Relations


I Never Had Dreams of My Son (2022)

documentary filmmaker

Synopsis: In August 2014, Oleksii disappeared during the Battle of Ilovaisk in eastern Ukraine. Five years later, his father searches for Oleksii through Ukrainian folklore and modern technology. Many hundreds of YouTube videos later, he catches sight of an imprisoned man resembling his son. 

The film premiered in the New Yorker Magazine in March 2022. 

Film Awards:

  • New Orleans Film Festival, 2022: Special Jury Mention in Best Documentary Short competition (Oscar®-qualifying category);
  • Kyiv International Short Film Festival, 2022: Special Jury Mention in Ukrainian competition; 

“The jury would especially like to mention one exceptionally well told, emotional story with an unexpected plot twist. The documentary, which portrays one man’s painful journey, is a symbol of the sacrifices of the entire Ukrainian people, but especially of their faith in peace and freedom.”



Volodymyr Zelenskyy, explained in 8 moments

local producer
Putin’s war on Ukraine, explained


What it’s like to flee Ukraine


How Stalin starved Ukraine


Ukraine’s disappeared

additional reporting and translation

When Russian troops arrived, their relatives disappeared

Wall Street Journal


Ukraine ‘Road of Death’ Shows Russians Fired on Civilians: A Video Investigation

In Russian Occupied Mariupol, Residents Scramble to Find the Missing

NRC Handelsblad


Vergis u niet, onze veerkracht is groot

Dansen op het koord tussen de Kievse technoclub en oorlog met Rusland

Opinie | Overleven we deze hel? We weten het niet

National Public Radio

local producer, freelance journalist

Nathan Rott

The once-quiet southwestern corner of Ukraine is now playing a key role in trade

Shredded trees, dead dolphins and wildfires — how Russia’s invasion is hurting nature

Russia’s War In Ukraine Is Hurting Nature

Frank Langfitt

A member of Ukraine’s parliament now trains a recon and sabotage unit to fight Russia

Russia intends to annex Kherson in southern Ukraine

People in Ukraine pay close attention to Putin’s speech on Victory Day

Russian troops continue push into east and south Ukraine

Why Russia’s rocket attack on Kyiv is seen as an insult to the U.N.

Russian missile hits Kyiv just after the head of the U.N. spoke there

Elissa Nadworny

They’ve spent a lifetime in Kyiv. Not everyone can flee Russia’s war in Ukraine

After fleeing northern Ukraine, a family works to start a new life

Franco Ordoñez

War crystalizes young Ukrainian leaders’ calls for a future aligned with Europe

The latest on the probe into atrocities committed by Russian forces around Kyiv

Ukrainian doctors describe delivering babies as Russia shelled the hospital

Ukraine latest: Ukraine forces fight to hold onto Mariupol

Ukraine’s prosecutor general is determined to hold Russia accountable for atrocities

The complex effort to hold Vladimir Putin accountable for war crimes

Russians wreak havoc on Ukrainian farms, mining fields and stealing equipment

Ryan Lucas:

Ukrainian-Russian families are being torn apart by Russia’s invasion

Russian forces continue attack on Kyiv and seize Europe’s biggest nuclear power plant

Ukraine latest: Another cease-fire attempt fails

After Ten Days Of War, The View From The Ground In Ukraine

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy spoke to Parliament to ask for global assistance

Russia is moving its attacks into western Ukraine

Lauren Frayer:

Some LGBTQ Ukrainians are fleeing Russian occupation. Others are signing up to fight

Some of Ukraine’s Orthodox churches want to break away from their Russian patriarch

Ukrainians work to protect historic monuments from Russian bombs

A direct Russian strike devastated a maternity hospital in Mariupol, Zelenskyy says

Ukrainian musicians and artists respond to the war in many different ways

How some people are trying to make art, not war, in Ukraine right now

Daniel Estrin:

The messaging from Ukrainian officials is that a Russian invasion isn’t imminent

Where President Zelensky’s popularity stands with people in Ukraine

Bar, bookstore or bunker? Kyiv residents wonder where to shelter in case of war

Russia’s Putin accuses the U.S. of trying to drag him into war

Security experts doubt Ukraine readiness against Russian cyberattack

Is Ukraine ready for a Russian attack? It depends what kind

Kyiv braces for Russian attacks, physical and beyond

Where President Zelensky’s popularity stands with people in Ukraine

The messaging from Ukrainian officials is that a Russian invasion isn’t imminent

For Ukrainian musicians, rejecting Russia is a matter of national pride

In a twist of fate, a family straddles the Russia-Ukraine conflict

Bar, bookstore or bunker? Kyiv residents wonder where to shelter in case of war


Rob Schmitz:

Threat of Russian invasion escalates as both sides amass troops at Ukraine border

Biden administration considers sending up to 5,000 troops to Eastern Europe

Ex-Ukrainian defense official doesn’t expect Russia to fully invade Ukraine

Ukraine crisis deepens after U.K. says Russia may try to install a pro-Kremlin leader

Ukraine has thousands of veterans who would be called to serve in the reserves

Joanna Kakissis:

Ukrainian women prepare to mobilize in case Russia invades

Many fleeing Ukraine were still rebuilding their lives after the 2014 Russian assault

Reservist in Ukraine, with a surprising past, had to decide whether to stay and fight

Biden says U.S. intelligence signals Russia has decided it will invade Ukraine

The latest on Russia-Ukraine tensions

Frank Langfitt:
Tim Mac:

Reena Advani:

At Ukraine-Belarus border, Ukrainians are pretty calm despite Russian troop buildup

Consider This from NPR:

Russia May Be Able To Attack Ukraine From The Inside

Morning Edition:

News brief: Russia-Ukraine crisis, Trump ruling, IOC president’s news conference


National Geographic

field producer

“Drain the Oceans” episode, Arctic War (2021)

Or Sinai

script reader, local producer, location scout 

“Home” full length film (work in progress)

Rest of World

local producer, interpreter

“We’re all fighting the giant”: Gig workers around the world are finally organizing


See Kyiv Youtube series, directed by Jason Blevins

producer, interviewer, assistant of the editor 

DROP TO THE FLOOR: Inside Vogue Culture in Kyiv 
Finding ‘Illegal’ Parties in Kyiv
“Not a Business” Business Model of Kyiv’s Hum:Hum


Rosie Kingham, Line Producer, Drain The Oceans for National Geographic

Download in PDF

It is my pleasure to provide you a reference for Olena Lysenko in regard to her role as our Local Producer/Fixer in Ukraine for Drain The Oceans Series for Mallinson Sadler Productions for National Geographic USA in 2020. Olena is reliable, efficient, detail-oriented and dedicated.
Olena and worked remotely with each other for a number of weeks whilst Olena set up a difficult and sensitive Interview for us in Kyiv during Covid.
Olena assisted us in making contacts, sourcing our Contributors and crew, finding suitable locations setting up the filming. She is well organised, solution driven, very good at managing relationships, she is great with people, and has excellent communication & organisational skills, works well under pressure, and is a good multi-tasker.
I have no doubt that Olena would be an asset to any production unit.


Peter Guest, editor for Rest of World

Read on World Fixer website 

I worked with Olena Lysenko on a complex assignment in Kiev. She was an absolutely amazing colleague, tracking down sources, building rapport and translating during interviews. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.


Jason Blevins, director, producer

Read on World Fixer website 

She has been my fixer/producer in Kyiv, Ukraine, for nearly seven years; as well as we co-created a YouTube series See-K to showcase this emerging city for a global youth-oriented market. In brief terms, none of my projects in the region would have been successful without her. She is dedicated, passionate and persistent in her work on a project. She also has a strong understanding of storytelling, which is important when providing translation/interpretation. For example, we conducted many interviews and she provided almost simultaneous interpretation with a strong emphasis on story points. She had a deep understanding of the story we were telling about a father’s missing child and was able to identify new information, contextualize it within our story and convey it both to the subject in Ukrainian and to me in English. This level of professionalism is not always present — but Ms. Lysenko excels at this.


Hannah Saleh, director, producer, former editor of VICE

Read on World Fixer website 

Meeting Olena Lysenko seems like a thing that was meant to be a thing as we came across each other during music festival I visited whilst taking holiday in Kiev in summer 2017. She made the rest of the holiday unforgettable as she kindly showed our group all the interesting spots we could barely find ourselves. She was also essential help for my photography project, because she showed me the best, yet hidden locations. Her deep insight and brilliant knowledge of the local context and situation turned not only Kiev, but the whole Ukraine into a place that I will visit anytime I have a chance, both for leisure and work-related purpose. Our frequented and inspiring discussions brought to light the idea of a documentary project where she’ll take part and to which we both are already looking forward to. I strongly recommend Lena


"Ukraine and its people". Vox Video Newsletter by Rajaa Elidrissi, Mar 18, 2022
Rajaa Elidrissi @rajaaeli, journalist on @voxdotcom's foreign video team
Leila Fadel @LeilaFadel, Co-Host of NPR's @MorningEdition and @UpFirst
I was interviewed by TV channel in Reno, Nevada