Just landed in Kyiv and all those signs with Cyrillic letters seem too bizarre (crazy/ mysterious/ daunting)? Afraid of dozens of taxi drivers offering to give you a lift for all the money in the world? No worries, here are all the options for getting from Kyiv airports to the city centre.



By train

Price: 80 UAH (3.2$ or 2.9€) 

Time: 40 min

Probably the best way of covering those 35 km (22 miles) separating Boryspil international airport from the central train station is the train. The railway station is located 100 metres north of Terminal D (head to the right from the terminal exit) and the tickets can be bought either at the ticket box in the Terminal D building or directly in the train. The timetable is available here.

By taxi 

Price: 400-500 UAH (15-20$ or 14-18€)

Time: 45 min (depends on traffic) 

By bus

Price: 100 UAH (4$ or 3.6€)

Time: 60 min (depends on traffic) 

The bus stop is located right in front of the Terminal D exit and the busses are easily recognizable by the striking purple colours. Sky Bus runs every 15 minutes to and from the city, at night every 30 to 45 minutes. The tickets can be bought directly on the bus (attention, only cash) or in advance through the Sky Bus website. It stops at Kharkivska metro station (red line) which might be more practical for you if there is a traffic jam or you live next to the red line metro station. The timetable is available here.


By bus

Price: 8 UAH (0.30$ or 0.25€)

Time: 25 min (depends on traffic)  

The bus and trolleybus stop is situated 200 meters from the airport exit (cross the parking lot and then turn left). The tickets can be purchased directly from the driver, don’t forget to prepare the cash. Busses 368 and 805 will take you to the train station. For the city centre (Maidan Nezalezhnosti square) take the trolleybus 22 to Shyliavska metro station and then take the red line to Kreshchatyk. 

By taxi: 

Price: 100-200 UAH (4-8$ or 3-7€) 

Time: 25 min (depends on traffic)  

Finding a cab at the airport without getting ripped off when you are a foreigner and don’t speak Ukrainian or Russian is a tricky one. We suggest using Uber or its local alternative Uklon (the cab can be ordered directly at their website without downloading the app.