Mobile apps Kyiv


A local alternative for Uber with a considerable advantage – while Uber defines automatically the price, in Uklon you can lower or increase the fare yourself and the drivers decide themselves whether to accept it or not. Apart for being driver-friendly, Uklon also has a wider range of services – booking in advance, pick-up at the airport with a sign, cabs with child seats etc.

A relatively new player on the taxi market in Ukraine that has lots of special offers and is considered to be the cheapest service of its kind.


Pretty obvious one, but it's always useful to know that Uber is already present in Kyiv and some other Ukrainian cities, isn't it?

The up-to-date map of all the city public transportation with a wide range of options – plan your way from point A to point B, track the location of every vehicle, save your favourite routes etc.

This app is fully synchronized with the official Ukrainian railway website and lets you purchase tickets or return from your smartphone in English (!!!) without additional fees.


Uber has recently launched a new service in Kyiv - it's a mix between a taxi and a bus. Four routes are available now and seem to work pretty fine.


This app is a nice alternative to see the city highlights in a different way – by following free thematic quests designed by the locals. To unlock the next level you have to find a hidden object, resolve a riddle or make a photo of a building detail. For a moment 6 quests are available in Ukrainian capital – family route, fountains, cats, angels of Kyiv, architect Horodetsly Mysteries and palaces of Kyiv.

Recently due to the efforts of several local art curators, Kyiv is attracting more and more street artsists, thus becoming an important hub for murals. This app offers an overview from another perspective – by following a map of works of art on the city’s walls. You can create your list of murals to visit, find information about them or get the fastest way to get to them.

This app is developed by the tourist agency Interesting Kyiv and has lots of interesting, non-trivial information about the city for those who have seen it all from the traditional Saint-Sofiia – Khreshchatyk – The Motherland Monument route.


By using Glovo you can have litterary EVERYTHING that can fit on a bicycle delivered to your place – starting from the most delicious food from local restaurants, a 3 a.m. pack of chips from the nearby supermarket to a new pijamas to warm you up when you feel too lonely and too lazy to go out.

Another local alternative for UberEats with hundreds of restaurants and shops you can order food from.

Uber eats

Yeah, yeah, Uber Eats is also there for you 😉


The biggest online retail store in Ukraine with over 50 sales offers every day.

The biggest private announcements service in Ukraine where you can finally sell those strange set of cups you bought out of a shopping mania attack or to find exactly the same headphones you had when you were 15. With 13 million ads on OLX everything seems to be possible.

Basically OLX for clothes.


All radio stations of Ukraine in one app – discover, share with friends, save offline.

A huge map of accessible and mostly free ATMs all over Ukraine.

A freelance service to solve your everyday problems like a broken fridge or messy flat after a party. You can choose the specialist based on their ratings and location.