By Anastasiia Perun; special thanks to Oleg Sosnov 

April 9, 2020

As Ukraine is approaching one month of quarantine, many local artists are filling pages and feeds with their experience and feelings of living through the pandemic. Masks intimacy, window views, irony, claustrophobic settings, nagging anxiety – taken together, these images  tell the story of the world on pause. 

#coronaviruschronicles by Anna Sarvira : When you failed to buy a mask
#coronaviruschronicles by Anna Sarvira : Just stop reading news so often, Anya:)

#coronaviruschronicles by Anna Sarvira: And a bit about my self-development on this quarantine. Too much of everything 🙂

We don’t like you, coronavirus by WE BAD
Never bored home alone by WE BAD
Sergiy Maidukov: Kyiv underground Ready Steady
Sergiy Maidukov: Dealing with spare time and solitude during #quarantine
Stay at home by Oleksandr Grekhov: I don't answer 'How are you doing questions', and I don't like texting so let's meet and then we'll see
Stay at home by Oleksandr Grekhov

Dating in 2020 by Oleksandr Grekhov:
1. Walk around Barcelona 2. Romantic dinner 3. Watching “My thoughts are silent” 4. Continuing the evening

by Dima Krasnyi
by Dima Krasnyi
Alexey Kondakov: Traveling with imagination
Alexey Kondakov: What day is this? Piece from "Show for one Night" series
Ivan Mikhaylov: closed playground
Ivan Mikhaylov: closed school
Ivan Mikhaylov: closed sea
Ivan Mikhaylov: closed school #2
Daniil Nemyrovsky: COVID-19
Daniil Nemyrovsky: Skype
Maksym Palenko: Coronabelievers
Maksym Palenko: Are you going to bless the Easter baskets?
Oleksandr Roytbrud: Died
Akhra Ajinjal: Window of the Possible
Gertruda Meyer: Come here, I'll contaminate you
by Vladyslav Krasnoshchok