English-speaking media about Kyiv and Ukraine
Photo by @morbleukkv

Even though recently Ukraine has been rather frequently mentioned in the international media and seems not to be a black spot on the map anymore, it’s always better to get the latest news from inside, isn’t it? Here are the main English-speaking media from Kyiv and Ukraine for you to stay tuned. 


Kyiv Post
Probably the oldest Ukrainian English-language newspaper, available both printed for free (check the distribution map including hotels, restaurants, cafes, nightclubs and business centres here) and online (updated seven days a week). Kyiv Post journalists cover political, business and entertainment issues – a mix of exclusive and aggregated content that will keep updated about the latest and the most important events.

Hromadske International 
Hromadske TV was created and is run by journalists and funded by non-profit organizations and donates. As stated on the website, it has “became the go-to medium about Ukraine — the place to discover and make sense of what was happening in the country and the region”. The English-speaking part of the platform highlights the main Ukrainian news.

Euromaidan press
This independent online-newspaper was launched by volunteers in 2014 to cover the Revolution of Dignity in English and its mission has developed since then into providing unbiased inside information against Russian disinformation tools. It provides translations of Ukrainian news and expert analysis as well as independent research.

One more local channel that aims to deliver objective and relevant information about Ukraine. It is available in 5 languages and covers a wide range of topics with a special focus on politics and the east of the country (Donbas) and Crimea.

VoxUkraine is an independent analytical platform of economists and lawyers. It covers economics and politics and provides a comprehensive analysis of economic processes and the most important developments in and around Ukraine.

Independent news and analysis media that presents itself as a platform for author subjective journalism.

112 International
An English version of one of the leading news agencies in Ukraine. One of the most frequently updated sources of information, again mainly about politics and economics.


Generally about Ukraine

Ukraine world 
An interesting media platform not only for the latest news but also to get to know Ukraine better. Introductory articles about our history and culture, analysis of the most important developments in and around Ukraine, podcasts (!!!) – it has it all or, in other words, Ukraine explained.


Platform about the unexpected geographical discoveries in Ukraine striving to break the vicious circle of negative representation of our country that we tend to have and give a push for domestic tourism growth. Lucky you, it’s also available in English (and other languages) and is happy to share with you curious stories from obscure places, people, art, and food.