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Contemporary Ukrainian Music: Kazka

Kyiv-based pop act Kazka has shared a new video for their new song “Палала” (“Palala”). The video was directed by Alan Badoev. The clip features dancers sewing their skin with a needle and red thread, forming traditional-looking embroidery. “Palala” is the latest visual from their second LP “Nirvana”. In 2018, […]

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Contemporary Ukrainian Music: Zbaraski

Lviv-based producer and songwriter Zbaraski is the new exciting name in Ukrainian indie music scene. For his 2019’s debut album, “Bo Ya Tak Khochu” (“Cause I Want So”), Zbaraski mixed electronic music, R&B, hip hop. The result is mysterious, melancholic. More from SEE-K Where ‘Chernobyl’ HBO miniseries was filmed in […]

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New year in Kyiv - SEE KYIV

How to celebrate 2020 in Kyiv?

Staying in Kyiv around Christmas and the New Year’s Eve? Well, lucky you! With all these parties celebrating 2020, it is definitely the city to be! Here’s SEE-K selection of New Year gigs, concerts, karaoke nights, techno parties, dancing and all your soul and body can only dream of. Christmas […]

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Photographer Iryna Pop - SEE KYIV

Kyiv in the 60s and 70s through the lens of Iryna Pap

Kyiv-born artist Iryna Pap was one of the first and most successful female photographers from USSR. She worked for the biggest Soviet newspaper ‘Izvestia’ (News), led the department of photojournalism at the Institute of Journalistic Arts, took pictures of the Soviet elite and high-ranking guests, documented construction of the Chornobyl nuclear […]

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Chornobyl locatins - SEE KYIV

Where ‘Chernobyl’ HBO miniseries was filmed in Kyiv?

Many scenes of The HBO miniseries Chernobyl were filmed in Kyiv, Ukraine. Some locations in Kyiv were used to mimic such cities as Moscow and Minsk. We prepared a fan’s guide to Kyiv’s top locations that appeared in Chernobyl. If you would like to have a guided tour or interested […]

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